LZTM Services

Repair and maintenance of power equipment of any capacity.

Repair and maintenance services of engines

Repair of diesel, gas-turbine and gas-piston engines is a key area of company activity. In its structure, LZTM has its own production facilities, which allows to make repair of any complexity. Every year the company increases the nomenclature of repair products. 

Gas piston engines and power plants
For over 10 years we have successfully repair gas piston foreign manufacturer’s engines.
Gas turbine engines
Today LZTM is a high-tech repair base to an industrial sector.
Diesel engines and power plants
LZTM team is a leading experts in the repair of power equipment industry.

An engine’s bench test

An engine’s bench tests is the most important and final stage of the overhaul. Testing system is a real pride of the company, which includes stands like:

  • Stand capacity of 34,000 hp for testing of industrial gas turbine engines, equipped with hydraulic brakes AVL.
  • Stand capacity of 14,000 hp - M507 for testing motor assembly (two compartments and EMG), as well as turbine engines, including aircraft engines and AI-20.
  • Power up to 7,000 hp for testing diesel and gas engines with the highest turnover on the power take-off flange of 1450 rev / min.
  • Power 7,000 hp - test bench with hydraulic brakes, the maximum number of revolutions - 1200 rev / min.
  • Power 1000 hp for testing engines with a maximum speed on the PTO flange 1700 rev / min.
  • Power up to 1000 kW for testing of diesel engines and diesel-generator sets.
  • Power 500 kW for testing of diesel generator sets.