LZTM Products

A producing the plants of permanent back-up and emergency appointment also guaranteed power supply systems.       

The power plants producing

Gas piston power plant
There are an energy efficiency, long service life, minimal maintenance and low noise among the undoubted advantages of gas turbine plants. 
Gas turbine power stations
There are a low noise and vibration emissions, as well as allowing the using of various types of gas fuel in the main competitive advantage of the gas turbine power plants. 
Diesel power station
The using of diesel power station is the optimun solution of the uninterrupted and steady power supply problems in regions with severe climatic conditions.

Unlike other relevant companies of the domestic market, we are the manufacturer of the supplied equipment. Own production of diesel, gas turbine, gas turbine power plants, as well as the guaranteed power supply systems makes it possible to control production processes at every stage.

The Diesel engines The company manufactures diesel engines dimension 12ЧН18 / 20 power to 1000 kilowatt.
The guaranteed power supply systems We actualizes design, manufacture and supply of high-tech guaranteed power supply systems.We offers a full range works including the elobaration of backup and emergency uninterruptible power supply to responsible energy consumers.
The SPTA (spare parts, tools and accessories) We makes fabrication of SPTA and modernization reworks of any complexity. To do this, we have more than 50 thousand items in manufacturing.